Sonic Branding Services

We offer sonic logos and original music tailored to each client. A sonic logo of several notes is an ideal way to brand an organization while an original song is used by companies in their videos, at tradeshows, in company meetings, and as elements of product offerings.

While people instantly recognize iconic sonic logos such as "Intel Inside - Leap Ahead (TM)," "Maxwell House percolator," "Skype Ringtone," the "NBC Chimes," and songs made famous by brands such as "Friends - I'll Be There For You," and "Seinfeld  - Theme," few entrepreneurs and marketers are using sonic branding today.

Signature Tones clients choose to work with us to create either a sonic logo or original song or a package that includes both.

The Signature Tones sonic branding process

Our work at Signature Tones starts with a deep understanding of your organizational goals, current marketing and branding efforts, and aspirations for the future. We take this knowledge to the studio to create a unique sonic logo and song especially for you.

You will receive close, personalized attention throughout the process. 

1.  Our engagement starts with marketing discovery led by David that includes such work as a review of your existing branding such as your web site(s) and social media, and an understanding of your product offerings. We will have one or more telephone or Skype discussions to learn about your customers (what we call buyer personas) and to understand the brand identity you currently enjoy (as well as your goals for the future). This is work that David has done for hundreds of companies over 15 years.

2.  David translates his discovery work into a set of what we call "brand spirit attributes". Together we work with you to prioritize your brand spirit attributes and then Juanito uses this to begin his musical composition work.

3.  Juanito goes into his studio and selects a series of initial short passages of music - from his library and/or samples he'll create at the time - that he feels is consistent with your brand. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback on those passages.

4.  When we agree to direction, Juanito will compose an original piece of music and/or a sonic logo of several notes especially for you.  For the the creation of the finished music, and depending on the musical direction we agree to, Juanito may call on additional studio musicians and professional mixing and mastering services.

You will have ownership of the final piece of music and the sonic logo to use in whatever way you choose!